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Sturminster Newton Community Learning Centre is in the Lydden room within the town's new community building The Exchange.

We are open as a Drop-in every Wednesday from 9:30am till 4:30pm & Monday from 10am to 12:30 (a joint session with Age Concern).  Our friendly volunteers are ready to help.

There is
no charge for using the computers nor for help and advice.

Equipment: The centre is well provided with 10 PCs and  tablets , plus a range of popular software and ancillary equipment. More Details.

Courses: We run a range of 11 courses mostly as individual (or with a friend) lessons- introducing a range of software and topics. More Details.

Help and Advice: Our Trustees and Volunteers have a range of general and specialist IT knowledge and include IT professionals, they will do their best to help. Meet Them.

Lydden Room, The Exchange,

Old Market Hill

Sturminster Newton,

Dorset  DT10 1QU

(01258 475272 -when open)

The Exchange 01258 475137


We are members of Dorset County Council’s Digital Champion Network and partner Stuminster’s Library to provide full computer support and learning facilities locally.

We are a member of the UK On-Line Centres Network which offers access to a range of on-line short courses called "Learn my Way" - we can register you here, its free to use. If you want to register at home you can use our centre code - 6071.



You can also use the BBC Webwise facilities for absolute beginners:

We are very grateful to recent and past sponsors:

The Exchange who provide and service the Lydden Room.

Dorset Partnership for Older People Programme (POPP) who helped fund startup equipment and some new technology equipment in 2014.

Microsoft UK who’s community scheme enabled all our equipment to be updated to latest versions of Windows and Microsoft Office in 2010 and via the Technology Trust again in 2013 and 2016.

Sturminster Cheese Festival who funded our Sage software in 2011 enabling us to teach Sage accounting and improve employment prospects of our “graduates”.

The Co-Operative Community Fund who provided two new computers with large touch monitors (2014).

Sturminster Newton Town Council who provided a new computer in 2015.

Hall & Woodhouse - Replacement computers and new technology - including VR in 2016.

Waitrose - Computer with capacity to support new technology - including VR in 2016.

ASDA - New Monitor  2017

Lloyds Bank (via Good Things Foundation)  - Wall Monitor, replacement printer and room hire 2018

Sturminster Newton Community Orchestra  - Assistive and Therapeutic Technology 2018; Printer

Blackmore Vale Masonic Lodge  - Assistive and Therapeutic Technology 2018; Printer

We can help with most Pcs, Tablets and Smartphones as well as Digital Cameras, Sat Navs, Smart Assistants and Displays, VR systems etc.

We have examples of Apple and Android Tablets and our volunters have their own Smartphones but we can’t have examples of every type so bring your own equipment if you have a problem with the device.

The manufactures believe that they have made their devices so easy to use that most people do not need a manual and no user guide is included but there are online manuals available HERE are links to some sample user guides and Youtube videos. We can find your devices manual and give you access to it.

Technical Tips

Get details of the monthly Technology Tips in the town’s Unity magazine …and more                         click here

Dates for Courses and Seminars

Please click here for upcoming dates and times


Can’t make the Monday or Wednesday drop-in? We can make you an appointment at other times.

The centre now has  fully immersive Oculus Rift & Go VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEMS

Click for details

New: National Geographic

We can show you how to install and use Library apps for free Ebooks and free audio books.

On Line Banking Guides click here

Your Heath

We can help you start to use the NHS web site and local BlackmoreVale Practice website