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The last bank branch in Sturminster Newton (Lloyds) is due to close in September 2017. The town council and community are working on visits from a mobile unit and Post Office & ATM facilities.

However now may be the time for many people in Stur and surrounding villages to think about On-line Banking.

The Learning Centre (hopefully with the banks) will be running courses and seminars, offering long term advice and providing guides to keeping safe.

Right now we can offer three on-line courses which you can do at your own pace but with our helpers available if you need them. They take 30-60mins each.

Or you can  try them at home: go to, register with a few details (please use our centre code 6071) and look in the “managing your money on line section”. Keep a note of your id and password - you can interrupt a course and return to it another day.


Basic leaflet on on-line banking:  click to open PDF file.

All about Passwords:                  click to open PDF file.

Detailed on-line banking document  - coming soon