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Using Tablets, Ipads, Ipods and Smartphones

The manufactures of these devices tend believe that they have made their devices so easy to use that most people do not need a manual and no user guide is included.

We have one Android and one Apple Tablet or if you bring your own device we can try to help but we find that just discovering that there are manuals and video user guides on the internet is all many people need. Below are links to some of the user guides and some sample Youtube videos.

If you have other devices or versions a simple Google search will usually find you both text manuals and a variety of video guides.

If you use the links below the text manuals are all in Adobe PDF format. Most PCs and browsers will open these files but if you can not read them download the reader for free from The mauals are mostly over 100 pages so be patient when you open them. You can save them to own device/PC for quicker access on subsequent occasions.

If you use the links below to sample videos note that above picture may be a link to more videos in the same series.


Link to all official Apple manuals

Ipad youtube guide pt1

Ipad youtube guide pt2

Ipad youtube guide pt3

Iphone 4 youtube user guide

Ipod Touch youtube user guide


Android 3 User Manual

Android 4 User Manual  We can not find a good general Android4 manual at present, this one is for a Galaxy Nexus phone but much of it will apply to all Android devices.

Android 3 and 4 youtube videos.  Look out for the ‘15 Videos’ tag above the picture for more in the same series.