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The centre currently has 8 Desktop PCs with laptops available and three Tablets  (Android and Apple).

The operating system is at present Windows10 on 6 desktops and one laptop all with touchscreeen and Windows 7 on 1 PC. ( A Windows Vista and a Windows XP PC can be made available for problem solving)  

We have our own wi-fi connected to superfast broadband  so you can bring your own laptop/tablet etc and connect to our network.

There are projectors and a wall monitor for presentations and teaching


Printers: Scanners: Media Conversion:

To cover the cost of paper and ink/toner there is a charge of 10p per A4 sheet B&W, 20p colour.

Converted music files / scanned pictures can be taken away on memory sticks or CDs. There is a charge of £1 per film/cassette/LP to cover the cost of this specialist equipment.

Video Calls (via Skype):

You can make video calls to anywhere in the world from the Learning Centre at no cost!

You can try it out between two PCs in the centre before making a real call.

Needs the friend or relation at the other end to be registered with Skype (free) and to have a PC with webcam. You will generally need to agree a time to accept the call and know their Skype username.

Other facilities:


The centre now has a fully immersive Virtual Reality System (Oculus Rift & Oculus Go). We can offer experiences for you to try out such as a walk round the pyramids, undersea and space journeys, and (if your stomach can take it) roller coaster rides plus much more.  More details click here.