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Several short (2-2½ hr) seminars are running at the moment including

“Introduction to Windows 10”;

“Getting to know your iPad”;

“Using and Editing Photos”;

“Keeping safe on the Internet”;  

“Best Free Windows Apps from the Store”

“Quickbooks - Home and small business accounting”

Dates and details Here


All our courses are focused on providing a grounding in the topic on which the student can build. There are some more advanced topics. There are NO exams!

We provide notes covering the course content (printed for basic courses, digitally for larger and more advanced topics).

At present most courses are run as personal ‘driving’ lessons, book your first hour or 90 min lesson and then book further ‘driving’ lessons until you have all you need on the topic. Lessons are on Wednesdays (am, pm  or eve) and Saturdays (am)

Sage courses run for six weeks on Wednesday evenings.

Cost of personal driving lessons are materials only and donation (£3/hr is suggested).

To book a lesson or Sage Course fill in a form at the centre or Exchange reception, phone us or Email us (be sure to state course(s) required in the message box).

You can also choose “Learn My Way” on-line courses to work at your own pace.

Your personal driving lessons can be from any of the courses/topics below:


For complete beginners. The course covers some mouse and keyboard basics but is mostly about seeing all the most common things computers are used for. It will enable the student to decide next steps in learning about or acquiring a computer. This course is not about detailed learning.

Internet and Email

Learn to find your way around Web sites, search for more obscure sites and information, search for images, videos etc. use Internet maps and street view, use government sites, use an encyclopaedia, book and buy on the Internet etc etc. Learn to compose, send, receive and reply to Emails and to attach photos and other documents to them.

Word Processing

The basics of Word Processing but sufficient to produce professional looking letters and leaflets etc containing images as well as text.

Based on Microsoft Word 2007 or newer but you can work with Word 2003 if you use it at home/work.

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint makes it easy and quick to produce professional slides, just a few pointers get you started and leaves us time for designs, animations and added media. Includes running the presentation and avoiding common mistakes in presenting. Self-running presentations also covered. Based on Microsoft Powerpoint  2007 or newer but you can work with Powerpoint 2003 if you use it at home/work.

Excel Spreadheets

Excel is all about numbers and most relevant to a small business but can be useful for personal finances or as a simple database to keep track of a large collection. Covers basic features, simple formulas, formatting, graphs, productivity and a look at more advanced features and their uses. Based on Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer but you can work with Excel 2003 if you use it at home/work.

Digital Image Editing

Not a photography course but what you can do with digital images once you have taken them. Using a basic and intermediate photo editor to repair and enhance pictures, getting the best from your printer, using pictures in documents, innovative ways to present photos and give as gifts. See also "Making a Slide Shows" for Collages and DVDs made from a set of photos. Photo-editor used is Paint.Net (free on the Internet)

Making A Slide Show (one session course)

Turn a set of photos into collages or an animated DVD/video sequence with soundtrack.

Uses Picassa software - free from Google.

Family History

How to research your family history, particularly using the tools and information available on web sites.

Making a Greetings Card

How to format, compose and print greetings card. How to create content including Wordart, pictures from the Internet, clip art and Word Clouds.

Uses Microsoft Word.

Advanced Word Processing

A range of 25 topics are available (e.g. Headers and Footers, Mail merge. Tables, Tabs, Drawing ...) Students choose the topics and we cover the most popular in the time available. Documentation and exercises on all the topics are provided digitally.

Web Site Building

Possible future course. A simple web site using free tools and hosting.

Please register your interest, if there is sufficient we will develop the course.

SAGE Accounting -

A six week course on Wednesday evenings (cost £40). Ability to use SAGE is a requirement for jobs with many small business as well as larger accounting departments.


To book a course or register an interest, fill in a form at the centre or Exchange reception, phone us or Email us (be sure to state course(s) required in the message box).

Tablet etc User Guides

For Non PC/Windows devices  e.g. Apple and Android see HERE.