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Some typical users of the Learning Centre


Philip has no computer at home and would not use one enough to justify buying a PC but comes in regularly to maintain Email correspondence and sometimes to research on the web and book travel. The centre's volunteers initially helped Philip to obtain an Email address, to send and receive mail and send attachments but Philip only needs to ask the occasional question now.


Pauline has a PC but like Philip does not find it worthwhile to pay for broadband. However her grandchidren like to communicate on social networking sites so she comes in regularly to reply and to print off photos they send. Also like Philip, Pauline needed help to set up and get going but is now largely independent.


Vlacav is working temporarily in the area, he needs to send and receive Emails, search for his next job and use government sites to keep his documents in order.

He needs no help after familiarising with our equipment.


Valerie is completely new to computers and doubtful if it is worthwhile getting to know them. Valerie gets some one to one time with one of the centre's volunteers to learn to use the mouse and keyboard and to look at some local web sites. She is offered a taster course to take this learning a little further and meet others at a similar stage.

More profiles will be added shortly