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Virtual Reality

Here NOW in Sturminster

The next big thing in computing, a powerful computer delivers top quality pictures and sound to stereo lenses and headset. The headset detects movement of the wearers head for a 360 degree view and sensors detect body movement. Whether its a game, walking with dinosaurs, an undersea journey, climbing a mountain, visiting pyramids it all feels very real.

Many other applications already exist from training learner drivers to surgeons, design, sports events, virtual consultations and much much more.

Oculus Rift

A fully immersive headset and sound system that responds to your own movements and to a controller.

NOT a smart phone strapped to your head.

See web site.

Virtual Reality at the Learning Centre

Thanks to recent grants from sponsors the learning centre now has both an Oculus Rift and an Oculus Go headset ready for you to try out. We will be focusing on offering experiences of the world, and therapeutic and educational experiences rather than games.

However we will have at least one VR game to allow families to asses and evaluate the equipment before committing to one for personal use (a top end computer is needed as well the £399 headset, the Oculus Go is a much more affordable £199 or £259).

We are willing to bring the Oculus Go to local events for visitors to try, (wi-fi and weather protection needed).

Open this PDF file  VR Samples  to see a menu of the experiences you can try out in the Learning Centre.

Oculus Go

A fully immersive headset and sound system in 3D and 360 degrees.

This is a fully independent device and does not need a computer or smartphone to run.

Needs wi-fi and and an Android or Apple device to set up.